April 24, 2010

MHBS Soccer Team and Families

Joseph is part of a wonderful team at Mars Hill Bible School:  the Varsity Soccer Team.  These guys have really worked hard and come together as a cohesive team.  They also have two awesome coaches:  Coach Daniel Dixon and Coach Bob Martin.

This photo was taken Tuesday night (with my cell phone) after an intense soccer game against a team that beat us the week before.  The final score this night was 5 to 2.  This was right after their group prayer.  Everyone was so excited!

Then Thursday night came....  We were playing a team that was not a great threat to us.  The game was very calm.  We were winning and the other team had not scored.

This was Joseph during the game.  He is a defensive player so he didn't have much action during the first half.  After the break, the opposing team was close to scoring a goal.  Joseph slid to kick the ball out of the way.  The referee blew his whistle and my son was awarded a red card.  (For those who are not soccer fans, a red card carries with it a stiff fine.)  Coaches and many friends have shared with us that the foul should have been a yellow card (or a verbal warning) neither of these carry a fine.  I and many others believe the referee was wayyyyyyyy out of line, but it is not something we can change.  There are many other issues about the referee that came up after the game, but my purpose in this post is not to crucify the referee instead share how something good can come out of a negative situation.

This is what the teammate's families did for Joseph:

They had a bake sale!  The mother's baked goodies and sold them on Thursday night during the game.  After the game, one of the mothers gave Joseph a popcorn bag full of money.  He counted it when he got home and they had raised $51.00!  What a great group of people showing a wonderful Christian example!  Joseph has much to be thankful for.

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