August 18, 2012

Road Trip: Illinois Countryside Interstate 39

The first of June we left on a road trip traveling toward Wisconsin for a business/vacation trip.  We chose to drive this trip to be able to see the countryside all the way from Alabama to Wisconsin (a 2500 miles round trip journey).  We also visited Minnesota and Iowa.  These photos were taken around Rockford, Illinois.  We drove off the interstate to be able to get some closer shots.

Our first day we traveled through Illinois and enjoyed viewing the farm scenery...corn, corn, corn and corn was growing in this area.  When we looked at the farms passing by our car windows, every farm had one of these barns on their property.  They were dotted all over the landscape.  We wondered why every farm had this particular barn.  Most were exactly alike.  Some were painted, some were not.  Some red, some white, some green, some naturally gray.

We also noticed that there were no fences.  In the southern states, every farm has fences not only to keep their livestock in, but also as boundary lines.  We didn't see much livestock in this area of Illinois.  I guess there was no longer any need for fencing.

We stopped and worshipped on Sunday with a friendly congregation in Ottawa, Illinois.  One of the men was a farmer so we asked him why every farm had one of these barns.  He said they were old-fashioned corn cribs.  We soon got off the interstate after church and drove closer to one of these barns.  After a closer look, you could definitely see the gaps in the sides of the barns for the corn to dry out.

The barn below was painted white and had a slightly different design for the roof and cupola.  All of the barns had the cupola on top -- I assume for added ventilation.

We also saw plenty of windmills for electricity.  There was plenty of wind.  Such a nice change from the hot, humid air in Alabama.

We arrive the afternoon these pictures were taken in Madison, Wisconsin just a few blocks from the capital.  Stay tuned for more pictures from our trip.

Judy :)

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