March 29, 2010

Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese have to be my absolute favorite sight to experience in nature.  I love to hear the honk of the geese in the spring and fall, and then search the sky for their "V" formation in flight.  When we first bought the farm, one of the things I told my husband I hoped would visit our farm was Canadian Geese.  Hopefully, they might stop at our pond for a rest or to spend the night.  In our six years here, we have had a few gaggles stop for a rest, but so far none have spent the night with us.

These two geese stopped by our pond tonight for a rest.  We hoped they might spend the night, but our llamas were too curious and we think the geese flew away.

March 26, 2010

Blooms and Holes

I was outside with my dog this afternoon.  While admiring the bradford pear blooms, my eyes were drawn to this:

The woodpeckers have been busy on this tree!  I love the contrast of the new blooms on the tree with the old holes from woodpeckers done during past summers.

This woodpecker had quite a banquet!

March 23, 2010


Spring came on Saturday.  The weather was perfect.

My husband sheared the first sheep for spring.  Notice how clean the wool is underneath.

Our first lamb was born a couple of days earlier.

Spring flowers began blooming.  I love these.  They are very tiny hyacinths and have the most wonderful fragrance for such a small flower. 

They are very tiny and delicate.

What is spring without daffodils?  I also brought a bouquet of these inside to enjoy in our kitchen.

The cardinals have become active again.  They love to get the left over grain from the feed troughs.  There are four males and one female at this trough.  Everytime I see cardinals I think of West Virginia and my childhood.  Cardinals are West Virginia's state bird.



Welcome to my blog!  I hope to accomplish a few things with this blog:  inspire myself to do more around my home and farm, share our life in Alabama with my family and friends -- both our farm life and everyday life, keep our family up to date with pictures and stories.  There are several things I love to do, but have pretty much put them on the back burner during this time of our life.  I love gardening -- flowers and vegetables, reading, cooking, baking, refinishing furniture, improving the house, and entertaining.  I went back to work around three years ago (part-time May - December, full-time January - April -- I'm an accountant) and life has been in a spin ever since.  I have been inspired by several of your blogs and hoping to incorporate some of your great time saving ideas in our life.  Maybe I can come up with a few of my own.  Check out my blog list.  Some are family and friends and some are people I have never met, but read their blogs from the recommendation of friends.  A few of my favorites are A Country Farmhouse, Acanthus and Acorn, and The Pioneer Woman.