December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  It seems fitting that this is my 50th post and the end of 2010.  I wanted to leave you with a thought for the end of the year.  This thought was the closing lines in a Christmas letter we received this year.  The author is a good friend and primary care physician:

See that you eat stuff that looks like it came from a farm, not a factory.   
Realize that your muscles will adapt to whatever you ask them to do.   
Don’t let a bad habit become your routine.   
Make a good habit a routine.   
Enjoy your family & friends as often as you can!

My hope and prayer is that you will find health, love, and peace in the New Year!

Judy :)

December 23, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Letter - Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays 2010 from the Meek Family  
Greetings to our dear friends and family,

It is our desire to continue our tradition and share a letter during the holiday season to provide updates for our family.

2010 was another busy year with some newness:  a new puppy, a blog, a shearing apprentice, an age milestone for Charlie, and a senior in High School.

Joseph began his senior year this fall.  He is still involved in many of the same things:  chorus, Show Choir, soccer, and the church youth group. His summer seemed too short even though he found a little time for fishing and swimming.  He rescued a puppy during a rain storm in May and she (Norah) has found some extra room we all had in our heart.  Joseph attended Harding University’s Honor Symposium for two weeks in July.  He enjoyed his time away from home and met a lot of great friends he continues to keep in touch with.  After the Show Choir performance this fall, he was chosen as one of 20 to represent the Show Choir in a DVD to be submitted to the Today Show for a Show Choir Showdown.  Mars Hill Show Choir was selected in the top 4, but didn’t receive enough votes to win the contest.  It was such an honor to be in the top 4 and was really nice to extend the Show Choir season for a few more weeks.  This fall he has stayed busy with his classes, conditioning for soccer, and gave two devotionals for the High School chorus on their trip to Harding and on retreat.  As of today he is planning to attend Hardin University next fall after graduation.

Judy has increased her work to nearly full-time for Leigh, King & Associates.  We never knew how expensive the senior year of high school was… and college on the way, too!  She is also enjoying a new past-time searching for antiques.   In addition to Facebook, Judy became a blogger in 2010.  You now can catch up on our family, farm, and news at

In 2010, Charlie continued his service with NRCS (29 years).  Hard to believe we have been in Alabama over 6 years assisting the Northwest AL Resource Conservation & Development Council.  Charlie entered his fifth year of service as the minister of the Hawk Pride church of Christ in Colbert County.  The work at Hawk Pride has been a joy with new additions and restorations.  The shearing side-business continued in 2010 (4th year) facing the same dilemma of scheduling appointments for too many clients (sheep, llamas and alpacas) and driving too many miles.  Thus Charlie was glad to welcome a shearing apprentice named Bret Wolfe in 2010.  Bret is a fast learner and we look forward to working with him again next year.  As for an age milestone, Charlie captured the big 50 this year. 

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!  May God Bless each and everyone!

Merry Christmas,

Charlie, Judy and Joseph Meek

Joseph's Last First Day - Beginning of the Senior Year

Show Choir 2010 – Seize The Day                     
A great photo to advertise our farm by Jennifer Photography

"Fleece on earth, Good wool to ewe!”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Hope it is the best for all of you!

Judy :)

December 22, 2010

A Few Christmas Decorations

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not holding off Christmas any longer!  I had set December 10 as the date I put up the tree this year and later came to find out that December 10 was the day my grandmother always put up her Christmas tree.  Maybe I inherited my wait for Christmas from her!

I purchased some antique ornaments this year from White Flower Farmhouse.  The photos I took didn't do the lovely ornaments justice, but below are a couple of them.  These ornaments reminded me of the ones on my parents' tree when I was a little girl.  In the assortment of ornaments, I also received several of the old fashioned ornaments that are colorful with the concave silver centers.  My photos of them did not turn out at all!

This ornament is one of my favorites.   One of our friends brought this Santa back from Germany on one of her trips.

I had time for one Christmas Craft.  I made this wreath out of a package of glass ornaments purchased at CVS after Christmas a few years ago.  The wreath has been around for several years and the ornaments were only $3!

I may add a bow next year, but have enjoyed the simplicity this year.

Christmas excitement is beginning to stir around our house.  We look forward to the next few days to be around family and our traditions.

Looking forward to Christmas,

Judy :)