July 9, 2012

Farm Day at Wehdo Sheep Farm

We were honored to be able to host a wonderful group of homeschoolers this spring for a Farm Day.  Renea Dyer,  our county's District Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and my husband, Charlie, were the speakers for the couple of hours they spent here with us.

We began mid morning with Charlie giving a welcome to the farm and the order of the day.

We were able to have the shearing demonstration filmed by Ginger Leigh owner of Blue Lantern Productions.  We hope to be able to share some of the farm and Charlie's shearing with you soon.  You can view some of Ginger's photography here.  Ginger uses her talent to help missionaries document their work through photography and video.  She has taught me so much about my camera (and then I show you the picture below with a reflective spot...who put that in there?).  We love that girl!

Renea Dyer began the day with a lesson on soils.  She began in our garden and then spied some bare soil where we have a few eroded areas and moved the rest of her lesson to a more interesting area of our farm.

Renea talked about different types of soils.

She also brought different soils with her so the students could see and touch the differences.

Charlie and Brandon McCray another employee of NRCS, take a rest while sitting on a eroded bank while Renea talks.

And yes, that is Charlie holding our Craigslist kitty, Lulu.  She has certainly made herself at home here and is totally content.  A great Craigslist find!

Charlie began his shearing session by explaining what equipment he used and how the clippers work.

He also answered questions before he began his shearing demonstration.

Below, he demonstrates the first position for the sheep.  The sheep is comfortable and relaxed.

He began shearing.

As he sheared, the wool seemed to peel off the sheep into a fluffy wool blanket.

And the blanket grew until he was able to release a much cooler ewe.

He began a second demonstration...

and was able to let a couple of spectators give shearing a try.

Much harder than it looks!

Our tour ended with questions and answers in the shade.  The students enjoyed visiting with our newborn twin lambs and seeing the llamas and other farm animals.  Their day continued at a memorial to an special young lady (Te-lah-nay) a Native American, who walked back to this region from Oklahoma after she was removed from this area by force (www.ifthelegendsfade.com) ...a must see if you are ever in our area.

What a beautiful day!  The weather was perfect, the sunshine was warm, and this group was a wonderful bunch of students and parents.  We loved having them!

Judy :)

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