May 11, 2010

Boutonnieres and Hats

This has been the still life on top of my piano for several weeks:

The Remington statue's home is always there on the piano.  The other two items arrived at different times, but belong to the same son, Joseph.  On the left is a boutonniere.  He wore this boutonniere the night of the Junior/Senior Banquet at school.  The morning after the banquet he handed it to me and I set it on top of the piano to dry out.  On the right is Joseph's hat.  After working outside on the farm with his dad, he came in and stopped to play the piano, took his hat off and laid it on top of piano.  There it stayed.

If you have known our family since Joseph was a baby, one thing you would have known about our son was his love of hats.  Inside or outside the house, he always wore a hat with the brim bent so it fit his head.  The first thing he did when he got a new hat was to bend the brim.  He was quite an expert at it and could bend it without breaking the cardboard the brim was made of.  When we lived in Tennessee, he wore an orange University of Tennessee hat.  Totally wore that hat out.  I believe we have the remnants of it somewhere.  Later, after we moved to Georgia, he eventually (slowly) gave way and wore a red University of Georgia hat.  Now that he is a teenager, he rarely wears hats unless he is working outside on the farm. 

These two items reminded me of the changes taking place in our son's life.  He is quickly leaving behind his childhood favorites and trying on new roles and activities.  I guess I was very slow to remove these two items from their temporary home on our piano.  Too soon he will be gone and I know I will miss these reminders of his youth.

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  1. Yes, our boy is growing up too quickly. It has not been that long ago that he was that little baby you brought home from Nashville. We love him and he is growing into a responsible young man too quickly. Love you all.


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