June 22, 2010

I Won!

I read several different blogs daily and sometimes these blogs have give-a-ways.  I have signed up for many give-a-ways in the past few months and my name or blog never shows up as a winner.  I just don't seem to be the lucky one.  Yesterday, I looked through my dashboard to see the new blogposts and saw "Winner.  A Meek Perspective."  Yes!  About time!

The blog that sponsored the give-a-way is My Pink Life by Aimee Weaver.

I first read about her blog on The Lettered Cottage blog.  Layla had done a post and link on Aimee's nursery that had been totally decorated from scratch by Aimee and her husband.  What stood out to me in the pictures of the nursery was the lettering on the walls which read "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me".  This is one of my favorite songs from church and it was such a lovely sentiment for a baby's room.  This baby's room gave me lots of great ideas for painting a quote on our master bedroom wall.  I left a comment asking how she did the lettering and she was gracious enough to respond to my question and many others on her blog the next day. You can see the blog on the baby's room here.

Lisa Pearson must have been impressed with the nursery, too, because she created a baby gift package from the nursery's theme for Aimee's blog.  Check out her gift creation here.  It is such a thoughtful gift.  Now, you may say, "But Judy, your son is fixin' to turn 17!".  (By the way, "fixin'" is a commonly used southern term for "getting ready to".  It is just fun to say!)  I know.  But won't it make a wonderful gift for the next baby to be born at church!

Please check out Aimee and Lisa's blogs.  You will find many wonderful decorating and just plain "living" ideas.  These are wonderful blogs and I look forward to exploring Lisa's blog further. 

Thank you Aimee and Lisa!

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