July 19, 2010

Queen Bee Designs by Amanda

I love this necklace!  There doesn't seem to be many necklaces or rings for mother's with only one child.  You see the mother's rings made up of each child's birthstone, but that doesn't work well for one child.  There are many necklaces also made up with each child's birthstone set with a stick figure boy or girl to represent each child that you have.  These just don't work for us one child moms.

Queen Bee Designs solved this for me.  I saw her advertisements on several blogs that I read so I clicked over to see what she had to offer.  She has many different necklaces already designed or you can design your own.  I based my necklace on her "Three's A Charm" necklace.  Amanda is super easy to work with.  I came up with my own words and even added the fresh water pearl.

The medallions and chain are sterling silver and your purchase comes packaged in a box with a ribbon ready to give as a gift.

Check out her blogsite at queenbeedesignsbyamanda.blogspot.com.

Judy :)

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