August 2, 2010

8 Weeks to Optimum Health - Week 3

The "Rules" for Week 3:
  • Look into buying organic produce because of unhealthy residues of agrichemicals being found on grocery store produce.  Especially be careful of peaches, strawberries, apples, nectarines, pears, cherries, red raspberries, imported grapes, spinach, celery, white potatoes and bell peppers.  The least contaminated vegetables are asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, kiwis, mangoes, onions, papayas, pineapples, and peas.  Wash everything and peel what you can.
  • Be aware of electromagnetic fields.  Stop using electric blankets because of their close proximity to your body.  Make sure your clock radio is at least one foot away from your bed.  Buy a pair of sunglasses that block 99 percent of UV rays.
  • Eat an extra serving of fruits and vegetables with at least one meal this week.  Eat fish twice this week.  Replace at least one serving of meat with a soy food of your choice.
  • Add 400-800 IU of natural vitamin E and 200 micrograms of selenium to your supplements this week.  Take these with your lunch or largest meal of the day.
  • Walk for 20 minutes this week.  Begin some simple stretching to improve flexibility.
  • Try a new breathing exercise this week.  Lie on your back (may want to do this while falling asleep).  Close your eyes, let your arms rest alongside your body.  Focus attention on your breath without influencing it.  Imagine the universe is pushing breath into you as you inhale and withdrawing it from you as you exhale.  Let your breath reach every part of your body even to your fingers and toes.  Do this for 10 cycles.
  • Make a list of friends who make you happy, alive, and optimistic.  Spend time with one of those this week.
  • Begin reading an inspirational book.
  • Abstain from news for one day this week, again.
  • Optional - buy more flowers, find out how to grow food even if just in containers on your porch.
Have a good week!

Judy :)

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