January 10, 2011

Alabama Snow

Snow in Alabama is a rarity.  We may have a dusting or an inch or two occasionally, but a real snow hardly ever happens.  The weather channel began predicting a snow for us late last week for last night.  We even talked about it at work on Thursday and Friday, but no one really thought we would get the amount of snow forecasted. 

My childhood was spent in West Virginia.  Sometimes we wouldn't even know it was snowing until we heard the snow plow go up the road.  West Virginia was also well equipped with salt, sand and cinders for the roads.  I remember my dad putting chains on our tires.  He even had snow tires for the car with spikes.  Snow didn't slow us down much -- but ice did.

This area of the nation is just not equipped for snow.  Alabama doesn't have snow plows or cinders.  They save the salt and sand for bridges and overpasses or spots known to be really slick.  Alabama closes their schools and businesses for the "threat" of snow.  My son's school was already closed by 2:30 yesterday afternoon -- it didn't start snowing until 9:00 pm.  Sometimes the school systems will close early and the snow will totally miss us.  I know it sounds silly to those of you who live with the snow, but in truth it really is a good idea for this part of the country.  Driving in snow is definitely not the norm for people around here so the highways become dangerous with inexperienced drivers.  Truthfully, I really enjoy the blessing of a day given to stay home, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the snow, drink hot cocoa, read a good book, and enjoy family time.

Enjoy our photos of the snow in Northwest Alabama:

Enjoy your day!

Judy :)


  1. Judy, it's a beautiful snow! Wow, ya'll got a lot of it. Where I am, we got a bunch of ice and a dusting of snow. Our street out front looks like a skating rink. Enjoy & stay warm!

  2. Hello Judy,

    Greetings from North Carolina. Your Mom sent me a link to your blog. Wow, those are really great pictures. I love the pics of the barn. So cool, as well as the up close shot of your dog with snow on his nose. Those are great. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day! Eric

  3. How fun to have snow! We are getting another 5 inches today -- no lack of snow in Nebraska. I love it though -- so peaceful.

    Thanks for visiting Graceful this week - lovely to meet you here, Judy!

  4. Wow! It reminds me of one of the blizzards we had in Virginia last year. Your property looks absolutely breathtaking cloaked in white and the snow dogs are adorable!

  5. ohmy!!! that IS a lot of snow for 'bama! Your pups are precious (as are the photos of the baby sheep!)
    so great to meet you!
    good luck with tax season:O! (that's what Dan spent the day doing today...)



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