October 7, 2011

Quiche Lorraine

This recipe for quiche dates back to my childhood.  I remember first having quiche probably when I was around 10 years old.  My brother, Jon, brought this recipe home when he was in high school.  His French class was cooking french dishes.  He was assigned quiche and needed to prepare it and bring it to school.  I don't remember if he actually made it (probably did...he is a wonderful cook today) or if mom did.  I do remember mom fixed it a few times after the French class project.  I love it!

When we were married, I went through Mom's recipes and copied my favorites.  This is one of them.  I am  a great lover of breakfast dishes especially eggs, bacon and cheese so this is a perfect dish for my appetite.  It is wonderful for breakfast, lunch or supper...a real crowd pleaser.

Quiche Lorraine

9 inch pie crust

6 slices bacon

1 onion, chopped

1 cup grated cheese

4 eggs

3/4 cup milk

3/4 cup heavy cream

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon cayenne

dash of pepper

dash of nutmeg

Bake pie crust for 5 minutes.  Chop bacon and fry until crisp.  Remove from skillet.  In fat, saute onion.  Spread onion, crumbled bacon, and grated cheese in pie shell.  In bowl, lightly beat eggs.  Add milk, cream, and seasonings.  Pour in pie shell.  Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 25 - 35 minutes until firm.

Serves:  8

I will often fry my bacon and onion, shred my cheese, and place in uncooked pie shell in the refrigerator the night before.  In the morning, remove the pie shell and let it come to room temperature while you prepare the eggs, milk, cream and seasonings.  Bake per the directions above.

Be sure to use the heavy cream and don't skimp with milk or half and half.  The cream adds to the silky texture of this quiche which is why it is so outstanding!  I also use Vermont White Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  You get a great cheddar flavor without any fake yellow coloring.  I shred the cheese by hand so it is extra creamy, too.

Tip:  There is a wonderful pie tutorial on The Pioneer Woman's website.  Check it out if you have ever had trouble making pie crusts or wanted to learn.  I plan to try this soon.


Judy :)

This is one of the most requested recipes I bring to work when we celebrate birthdays with breakfast.  The last birthday we celebrated my boss, Tim, decided we should cut the quiche into four servings for the four of us employees.  Filled us up perfectly...hence his comment below that we figured out it only serves 4.  :)

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  1. I think we figured out that it feeds 4.


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