November 27, 2011

How Blessed We Are

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Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with family.  
Our table had fewer chairs pulled up to it (only 7 of us Meeks this year), but it was a calm peaceful day 
filled with family chat and nature.

We took a drive to what we refer to as "The Wall" - an Indian memorial
 to a great-grandmother who walked back home from the Trail of Tears.  Her great grandson built this wall in her honor to represent her walk.  
The wall is amazing just with the sheer amount of man power it took this one man 
to build this wall with no mortar.  The wall measures 1.3 miles in length.

Many blessings of the day:  camaraderie of cooking together in a small kitchen, 
the sharing of food with loved ones, 
a clean kitchen at the end of the day thanks to a new brother-in-law, 
warm weather to take a walk, health to enjoy a walk,
beautiful fall scenery at a wall built by a dedicated man, 
time spent with a college son during the entire day, 
leftovers, pumpkin pie, laughter.

Hope your day was just as blessed.

Judy :)

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