December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Greetings to our dear friends and family,

2013 is just about over. We can’t believe its time to share another letter with some updates for our family.

Joseph is continuing his career path with the Army passing the 1 year mark on 9/24.  After Basic Training which ended in Dec 12, 2012, he completed his individual training assignment at Fort Gordon, GA studying to be a radio operator/maintainer.  His training was delayed three weeks so he had a lesson in patience.  He was the distinguished honor graduate for his class having the top GPA, for which he received a promotion…. YAY!  His next training assignment was jump school at Fort Benning, GA.  Here he encountered another huge test as he had an injury on one of the zip line training activities.  This derailed his graduation plans and he took a medical drop into a hold over unit.  His original orders were for Fort Hood, TX but with the delays he was re-assigned to Fort Wainwright, AK. That’s right Alaska.  We were able to visit with Joseph in GA briefly before his transfer to AK.  We have had a visit to Alaska on our “bucket list” for a long time so we hope to check that item off next summer.  We look forward to having Joseph home for a Christmas break starting Dec. 17th.

Judy continues to enjoy her association with Leigh, King & Associates as a staff accountant.  She is currently studying for the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam and has passed the first and second tests for her certification – ONE more to go!  She enjoys antiques shopping/refinishing and photography as her key hobbies.   Finding time to blog seems to be harder each year and 2013 just had too many moving parts to allow time for blogging.  Our gardening efforts were a challenge with a VERY wet spring, lots of travel and Charlie battling a back injury.  Our berries did yield much fruit and great peace of mind to enjoy fresh food right out of the garden.  Late July we visited with Judy’s High School classmates in Keyser, WV for her 30th Class Reunion. 

2013 had some bumps for Charlie as well.  He had a back injury that derailed most of his shearing plans and restricted most “normal” farm work.  He was thankful to be able to arrange for a shearer from NC to come shear our sheep and the bulk of his clients in North AL, and TN.  His former apprentice was able to shear for a few clients as well.  Farm life continues to bring great joy yet also struggles…not the best combination but such is life.  Charlie still enjoys his part-time employment with the Northwest AL RC&D Council as their Executive Director.  The Council was honored to receive the Outstanding Project Award for AL and the Southeast Region.  2013 continued his 8th year of service as the minister of the Hawk Pride church of Christ in Colbert County.   During our trip to WV he was able to visit the VA Tech University farm and view their Polled Dorset Sheep.  Charlie was able to add some breeding stock to our farm from VA Tech that we hope will help us increase efficiency and quality.  As we go to print with this newsletter Charlie is still struggling with back issues and awaiting test results with hopes we can find out what is causing the problem.

As we all encounter struggles and set backs in life they are a constant reminder of what is most important….RELATIONSHIPS.  We continue to cherish our relationships with family and friends and of course our spiritual relationship with the GREAT I AM!

We pray this letter finds you and your family in good health and best wishes for 2014.  May God Bless each and everyone!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,

Charlie, Judy and Joseph Meek

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