March 23, 2010


Spring came on Saturday.  The weather was perfect.

My husband sheared the first sheep for spring.  Notice how clean the wool is underneath.

Our first lamb was born a couple of days earlier.

Spring flowers began blooming.  I love these.  They are very tiny hyacinths and have the most wonderful fragrance for such a small flower. 

They are very tiny and delicate.

What is spring without daffodils?  I also brought a bouquet of these inside to enjoy in our kitchen.

The cardinals have become active again.  They love to get the left over grain from the feed troughs.  There are four males and one female at this trough.  Everytime I see cardinals I think of West Virginia and my childhood.  Cardinals are West Virginia's state bird.



  1. Welcome to the blog world! Your sheep are so adorable. When I lived in Maine, I knew a lot of woman spun angora wool and had a barn full of angora rabbits! Your spring flowers are beautiful - so happy it's that time of year! And more flowers are coming! ; ) Trina

  2. Hello, and warmest welcome to you!!!

    Good thing I don't live too close, otherwise I would seriously be tempted to pull up and pop that sweet little lamb into my car!

    And fresh flowers...hard to imagine life without them.



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