October 28, 2010

Fall In Alabama

One of the sights I look forward to enjoying at the beginning of fall is the maturing of the cotton fields in our area.  I grew up in West Virginia and don't ever remember seeing cotton being raised.  This has been a new experience for me.  In some ways, at first glance, when I see a field of cotton, it reminds me of a partial snow on the ground in the winter time.  Snow has always made my heart skip a beat in excitement, so the first glance of cotton grabs my heart, too.

This year cotton was grown directly across the road from us behind our neighbors' houses.  I drove home from work one afternoon late in September and noticed the field across the road was in full "bloom".  Once the cotton opens into the bolls (pronounced "boles"), it is usually harvested as soon as possible.  The bolls become pretty messy if they are rained on and the fiber gets too wet as I'm sure you can imagine.  I knew I needed to hurry up and get some photos before I came home one afternoon and all of the cotton was gone.

After supper, I called our neighbor across the road and rushed into her back yard to snap these pictures:

Look in the background.  Doesn't it look like scattered snow?

A closer view.

A close up of a boll cotton.

Looking down the length of the field.

On my way back across the road, the sunset was brilliant.  A great welcome to fall!

Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend!

Judy :)

PS  Thanks to all who voted for my son's Show Choir group.  The Show Choir group from Boynton Beach, Florida were the winners.  The whole week was one full of excitement for our whole town.  Certainly a memory our kids will remember.  Show Choir pics are coming up soon!

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