October 19, 2010

Mars Hill Bible School Show Choir Entry

I have not written a post about Mars Hill Bible School Show Choir yet.  They performed the weekend of September 10....the beginning of my 6 week break from posting on the blog.  This is a group of students that began practicing in mid July for a weekend performance in September.  These kids work hard and sacrifice a lot of other activities to be a part of this production.  The directors of the show do an absolutely awesome job of working with our children and bringing out the best of them while forming it into an entertaining and professional production.

The Today Show is having a competition this year called the Show Choir Showdown.  I assume the popularity of the television show Glee has prompted this interest in Show Choir.  Ten couples in our Show Choir was selected to perform for a taping of one of the songs from this year's performance to be sent into the Today Show for their competition.  Above is their entry.  Our son is part of the couple on the left on the front row.

Thursday, the top four entries will be announced and then it will be open to voting.  Stay tuned for Thursday and hopefully I will be back on the blog to encourage everyone to Vote, Vote, Vote!!!  Mars Hill is a small school so we will need all of the votes we can get.  The winners will be flown to New York to perform on the show!

Stay tuned!

Judy :)

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