October 15, 2010

I'm Back!

Well....two to three weeks turned into six!  I'm so sorry.

This has been a busy six weeks.  We have rushed through three nights of show choir with two nights of friends and family visiting.  We have had senior casual pictures, family pictures, and couple pictures taken.  I have repainted the front door.  And I learned the old-fashioned way of making apple butter.  Yum!  All of these plus daily life and increasing my hours at work have kept me busy.

I'll be posting soon on all of the above plus more.

Keep reading.  I'm anxious to be back at the keyboard.

Have a great weekend!  BTW, it's senior play weekend here.  Joseph doesn't have a large part, but we're looking forward to seeing the play, The Mouse That Roared.  I think I remember seeing the movie years ago.  Maybe Peter Sellers (aka The Pink Panther) was in it?

Judy :)

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Judy :)