November 26, 2010

Holding Off Christmas

Before December appears and all of our fall decorations are replaced with Christmas evergreen, I want to savor the last few days of November and enjoy the colors of autumn.

When I looked out our kitchen window this morning, the little bit of orange leaves left on our oak tree looked so wonderful framing our barn.  Soon the leaves will be gone and we will be looking out at the color of gray until the green buds appear again in the spring.

Our Thanksgiving table was also decorated in a fall theme this year with sunflowers, eucalyptus, wheat, and other natural grasses.  The fall colors will remain until after the first of December when Christmas decorations will gradually make their way into our home.

Christmas used to really excite me as a child.  I don't get so excited anymore...I know some lost excitement could be my age, but sometimes I think maybe it is because Christmas starts so much earlier in the year (like around Halloween!).  By the time December 25 finally arrives, the excitement of the lights, the smells and the stories have all lost their wonder.  AND by December 26, I am ready to celebrate Britain's Boxing Day to get our house back to normal.

This year, I am going to enjoy our fall decorations as long as possible.  On the first of December, I will replace our front door wreath with our Christmas wreath.  Then around December 10 I'll start getting out our Christmas decorations and put up the Christmas Tree.  Maybe this way I can make the Christmas excitement last for a little while this year without feeling the yearly burn out.

What do you do to make the excitement of Christmas last until December 25?

Have a great weekend!

Judy :)

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