December 22, 2010

A Few Christmas Decorations

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not holding off Christmas any longer!  I had set December 10 as the date I put up the tree this year and later came to find out that December 10 was the day my grandmother always put up her Christmas tree.  Maybe I inherited my wait for Christmas from her!

I purchased some antique ornaments this year from White Flower Farmhouse.  The photos I took didn't do the lovely ornaments justice, but below are a couple of them.  These ornaments reminded me of the ones on my parents' tree when I was a little girl.  In the assortment of ornaments, I also received several of the old fashioned ornaments that are colorful with the concave silver centers.  My photos of them did not turn out at all!

This ornament is one of my favorites.   One of our friends brought this Santa back from Germany on one of her trips.

I had time for one Christmas Craft.  I made this wreath out of a package of glass ornaments purchased at CVS after Christmas a few years ago.  The wreath has been around for several years and the ornaments were only $3!

I may add a bow next year, but have enjoyed the simplicity this year.

Christmas excitement is beginning to stir around our house.  We look forward to the next few days to be around family and our traditions.

Looking forward to Christmas,

Judy :)

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