July 17, 2011

10 Days Finished: Real Food Pledge

I lost 6 pounds!  I really wasn't expecting to lose that much weight in the past 10 days.  My husband kept asking me during these 10 days when I was going to weigh (he weighs himself EVERYDAY).  I told him not until the 10 days were up.  I thought I might loose 2-3 pounds, but nope...6 pounds came off.

Will I continue?  Mostly, yes.  I feel this is definitely a better way to eat.  The extra fiber has really helped me to not be hungry between meals -- less snacking!  Only using honey and maple syrup has absolutely reduced my sugar consumption because if I want something sweet, I have to cook it.  I will be using mayonnaise in salads, etc.  I just can't justify making my own mayonnaise with raw eggs.  I will probably not be so picky when I am eating away from home, though we did have a covered dish at church today and I tried to stick with vegetables and meat.  I did have a small piece of coconut cream pie and it tasted soooo good.  Don't know if that was because I hadn't had real sugar in several days or what. 

My husband's college roommate, who is a doctor, closed his Christmas card last year with the admonition to eat only the foods that look like they might have come from a farm.  I guess that is my new goal as far as diet.  The Real Food Pledge just helped me get started.  If you decide to try this, please let me know.  I'd love to follow your progress.

Judy :)

Note - Here are the websites I discovered over the past 10 days dealing with Real Food:

100 Days of Real Food

Nourished Kitchen

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