July 18, 2011

Imparting Grace by Richella Parham

Visit Imparting Grace today to read about other writers' experiences with "grace".   Imparting Grace is written by a friend from college.  She is one of the top 25 blogs I enjoy reading.  (See the side column for the other 24!).  I have added my article entitled Grace Through A Kidney Transplant to her link party.  If you haven't read it, click over and read it then visit Imparting Grace's link party.  You will certainly enjoy some lovely reading.

Imparting Grace

Judy :)

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  1. Judy, I've enjoyed catching up with your blogs this morning. The diet sounds very pleasant and you're doing so well with it all. :) I've got to read your book! Didn't realize or notice you had one out there. Hoping you continue to do well, Judy. Love ~ Carol from WV


We always enjoy your visits to our blog and love reading your comments. Thanks for visiting and check back with us soon!

Judy :)