July 7, 2011

Day 2: 10 Days of Real Food Pledge

I would really love some french vanilla coffee creamer about right now!  I believe I may be going through a sugar withdrawal, but that would probably be a good thing.  I have done well the past couple of days with my diet.  I have eaten a lot of vegetables and whole grains.  The whole wheat bread from Whole Foods has been wonderful.  The only problem is we don't have a Whole Foods Market close to us.  I purchased the bread at the market in Nashville.  I will be trying to make some whole wheat bread in my bread machine this weekend.  My brother makes his own bread and I plan on trying his recipe.

One of my learning experiences so far has been with the 5 ingredient rule.  Twice I have found products with 5 ingredients, no unknown ingredients, low in sodium (one of the things I watch for)...seems like something I could eat.  Once I begin eating and thinking how wonderful it is that I have found something with real ingredients, I realize it has sugar in it instead of honey or maple syrup or it is made with rice flour and is obviously white rice flour-not brown rice flour.  This happened with a Kashi granola bar which I had for a snack today and some rice crackers with my supper last night.  I ate them anyway and decided I would do better tomorrow :).

This experience has taught me that in order to know what is in your foods, you need to make them yourself.  I did make some whole wheat banana bread this evening for something a little sweet as a snack.  It is made with whole wheat flour and honey.  I also made some spelt and whole wheat pizza dough for supper tomorrow night.  It is in the refrigerator as I type and hopefully rising for a good pizza crust tomorrow night.  We had some friends give us some homemade pesto and I baked extra chicken tonight to go on top of the pizza.  Looking forward to that!  My husband has been cutting gluten out of his diet so I am experimenting with spelt for him.

"Tomorrow is another day!"

Judy :)

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