December 24, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011

Christmas decorations this year were much more simple.  I pulled out very few decorations and filled in with greenery from our farm.  The feel is more open and less cluttered.

I simply added a ribbon to the front door wreath this year.  The ribbon is just woven in and around the branches...very simple yet effective.

Pine branches were added to the mantel with small antique ornaments in a crystal dish with the nutcrackers.

We added a "Noel" banner this year made of red ticking, burlap and ribbon.  You can purchase one like this at my cousin, Diane's Etsy Shop.

We filled our dough bowl with pine cones from a tree that fell on the back of our farm.  A simple branch of pine with a little tuft tucked in the pinecones was all that was needed for a great dining room centerpiece.  The jar with greenery is filled with our trimmings left over after decorating.  This makes the pine and cedar handy for including with gift wrap tied with twine.

I thought the tree needed more garland than just our cranberry beads.  This year I added rope as a second garland.  It suits our lifestyle and keeps our tree more casual.

This is a closeup of the rope and beads.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve to the fullest!

Judy :)

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  1. Your home and decorations are simply beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!


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