December 25, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Letter - Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays 2011 from the Meek Family 
Greetings to our dear friends and family,

2011 was another busy year with new phases, BIG changes and transition.

Our family survived Joseph’s case of senioritis and we all enjoyed his achievement as he graduated from Mars Hill Bible School in May.  We were glad to have several family members come be a part of his graduation.  His senior year of high school was a busy one with the same cast of characters Soccer, Show Choir and Chorus.  His class also made a spring break trip to New York, NY.  He had a very busy social calendar this past summer.  He spent many nights with friends; we think to prepare us for being empty nesters. He began his first year of studies at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.  We wish him well as he starts his college experience and pursuing future dreams.

Judy has increased her work to full-time for Leigh, King & Associates.  College expenses are now a reality so we hope to survive physically and financially the next 3/12 years. Hint…Joseph we want you to graduate on time!  She continues to enjoy part-time searching for antiques.   In addition to Facebook, Judy has entered her second year as a blogger.  You now can catch up on our family, farm, and news at  Judy finally convinced Charlie to spend a little time on our farm instead of traipsing over AL, NE MS and TN shearing critters so we planted a small garden this year.  While the planting was later than desired our efforts yielded a pleasant harvest of radishes, corn, okra, tomatoes, field peas, and lima beans. The rabbits enjoyed the green beans so next year we will have to add a fence to curtail their appetite.

Well…the possible budget cuts that we always mentioned to our close friends each year, as concerns, became a reality this year.  Congress cut the RC&D Program on April 15th for which Charlie had served since Sept of 1996.  So with only a 24 hour notice the run with RC&D was over and Charlie had to work other programs.  The Agency offered early retirement due to the cuts and Charlie felt it was time to say goodbye to USDA and try something else.  August 31 was his last day and he turned the page to new dreams.  In July Charlie celebrated 30 years with SCS/NRCS so it was a good run.  Post retirement Charlie is VERY thankful that he is able to work part-time for the Northwest AL RC&D Council.  2011 continued his 6th year of service as the minister of the Hawk Pride church of Christ in Colbert County; it is Charlie’s desire to assist this congregation and community in an expanded capacity.  The work at Hawk Pride has been a JOY with new additions and restorations in 2011. Hawk Pride has a Facebook page so please visit them via social media to see how the work is doing. As Charlie has struggled with some nagging health issues (Epstein Barr Virus and two oral surgery events,) the brethren at Hawk Pride have gone the extra mile in helping us in our time of need including driving Charlie to doctor appointments, house cleaning, feeding the sheep, delivering loads of hay for the sheep not to mention encouragement and prayers.  At the time of this letter Charlie is recovering from oral surgery and some side effects of the medications he was taking for the surgery.  The shearing side-business continued in 2011 (5th year) facing the similar dilemma of scheduling appointments for too many clients (sheep, llamas and alpacas) and driving lots of miles.  Thanks to having the assistance of another shearer (Bret, that we mentioned last year) the miles were less than past years and production has been more efficient with two people shearing on most sites. 

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!  May God Bless each and everyone!

Merry Christmas,

Charlie, Judy and Joseph Meek


Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Judy :)

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