January 25, 2012

My Favorite 25: The Blogs I Read

Blogs are now popping up everywhere.  Links are on Facebook, Twitter, websites, newspapers, and even magazines.  Blogs for me have replaced magazines.  The words written by you inspire me, change me, teach me and encourage me.

I love reading blogs!  In fact, I love reading these blogs much more than I love writing one!  Writing a blog is something that I constantly struggle with:  How much of my personal life should I disclose, why am I doing this, does anyone read what I write, what is my purpose here?  Sometimes I just wonder....  But reading blogs is pure pleasure.

I normally pack my lunch and eat at my desk in my office.  My entertainment during this time is reading My Favorite 25 blogs.  Well...actually 26.  My favorite blog of all time...hands down...is The Pioneer Woman.  The only problem with her blog is I can't program her link into my Google Reader.  So, I have set up a folder in my Google Reader with these 25 blogs.  When I log into Google Reader, My Favorite 25 are current - updated but with the blogs I have yet to read still waiting for me.  After I read the current blogs, they disappear so I always know what I have read and what is left to catch up on.  My Favorite 25 list does change from time to time.  Sometimes I find a blog isn't fitting into my interests and when I find another blog I enjoy more, I will replace it.  I try to keep this list to 25 because 25 seems to be a good amount of reading material for my lunch break.  Not everyone posts daily which works well for the time allotted for my lunch.

I find I am drawn to several categories of blogs.  My Favorite 25 fall under five different categories:  Decorating, Housekeeping, Health, Organization, and Inspiration.  Some blogs deal with just one of these while others cover several categories at once.

I will be introducing you to these 25 blogs through my eyes during the next several week.  As some of you know, I am an accountant and tax season is just now beginning.  I will be much busier than usual and to have my blog planned out for the next couple of months should help me get posts out more timely instead of taking up to four months off.  I sent emails to each of the writers of My Favorite 25 and asked several questions to make these post more personal for you.  Many replied and I will be sharing those answers with you.

I'll leave you with a picture from our Alabama Snow last winter in January 2011.  This is a view from the back field of our farm looking toward the back of the house and barn.  You can just see a little bit of the partially frozen pond between the house and field.  The sheep were being "sissies" that day and staying warm and dry in the barn.  How I would love to have some snow this year!  Not likely...it was 63 degrees today!

 Enjoy winter!

Judy :)

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