April 1, 2010

Jr/Sr Banquet - Mars Hill Bible School

Tonight is the Junior/Senior Banquet at the high school my son, Joseph attends...a really big night for him and his friends.  He escorted a friend this year that he has known for several years, Mikayla.  Mikayla and Joseph met Joseph's first year at Maywood Bible Camp here in Alabama and have been close friends ever since.  Below are several pictures made at the house of one of her friends.  The house was built on the river (Tennessee) and had beautiful fountains and scenery.

I thought the back of her dress and hairstyle was beautiful.

A close up.  I know they'll have a great time.

Kind of runs chills down your back, when you realize how much your children have grown.  We are proud.


  1. Aren't they a handsome couple!! That's my grandson. He really got a haircut!

  2. You should be proud. Joseph is growing up too fast and we haven't been around him that much. He is a handsome young man.


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