January 7, 2011

New Year's Dreams: Day One

Doesn't New Year's "dreams" sound much better than New Year's Resolutions?  I have resolved many times to do many things around the New Year, but very few of them have actually ever happened.  I decided this year I would begin to list my "dreams" for the New Year.

I was reading the Grocery Shrink's Blog around the first of the year and read her resolutions.  She broke them down into 5 different categories:  Spiritual, Relationships, Physical, Professional, and Financial.  These categories were great to direct me to think through many resolutions I hadn't even considered before.

Go to the Grocery Shrink's first blog on Spiritual Resolutions.  You can click here.  Now, really....go do it!

Are you back?

Here are my "dreams" on Day 1's Spiritual Thoughts:

    Grace by Eric Enstrom

It is my dream to continue my scriptural study and make it daily.  I have been working on reading through the Bible in chronological order since May 26, 2003!  I know...I'm so embarrassed...7 years!!!  This year I want to finish my reading.  In 2010, I had been trying to get up earlier in the morning to do this, but have been extremely inconsistent and have not taken the time to read at night if I did not finish in the morning.  I also think it is important for our children (or others) to see us reading the Bible if we expect them to follow in our example.  I intend to read more in the evening out in the open where my family will know what I am doing.

I dream of keeping a prayer list or journal.  My personal prayer time usually takes place on my drive to work in the mornings.  (I have a 25 minute drive!)  I also say short prayers during the day when thoughts of people in need come to my mind.  This works great for me and I will continue to do this.  This journal would be a great in helping to remember those in need of extra prayers and reflecting how God answers prayers.

I like to keep scriptures to memorize and ponder on the refrigerator or over the sink.  I plan to do this on a more regular basis.  I have done this before and love the understanding that comes from reading and thinking on one scripture or passage day after day.

I also dream of adding another post to the blog entitled Sundays Revisited.  Don't you love it when you read a scripture that you have read may times before, but this time something new jumps out at you that you had never noticed or understood before.  I have experienced that the past two Sundays and I am looking forward to sharing those scriptures with you.
Pray that my "dreams" come true!

I look forward to sharing my dreams concerning relationships tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Judy :)

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